BMW MOA Motorrad Fest

Moto-Training at M’Fest

The best moto-trainers in the business are bringing their A-game to M'Fest. The BMW Performance Center's US Rider Academy will be on hand offering half day sessions of rider training. Take your pick of either Authority Skills on-road training or Adventure Bike off-road training. Classes are only $299 each and you get a discount if you register for multiple sessions. On-site tent camping is also free at M'Fest for training participants.

Intro to Authority Skills

Authority Competition Primer

Intro to Off-Road Riding TRAINING

Learn what the pros learn when they are new to riding in the Intro to Authority Skills class! This technical set of exercises will introduce riders to tight turns, slow speed navigation, sight lines, and safety and prepare you for the Authority Prep and Competition with the Pros!

Ready to take on the big guns? This class is conducted on the authority bike shoot-out course and will prepare you for Saturday's precision competition with the pros. If you have slow cone skills and want to move to the next level, competition ready, this is for you!

Get a 2.5-hour intro to off-road riding from the best instructors in the business from the BMW Performance Center. The off-road section gives you a flavor of a slow ride on dirt, the slalom course, how to tackle washboard ruts, emergency stops, and an intro to hills.


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